Brand philosophy:

"Great things from small things"


About Our Founding Team:

— Karl Zhang (Chinese name: Zhang Weinan)

In 2017 — I founded the brand “Analan”,
In 2020 — I designed a dog hair remover (you can still find my name on the US Patent Office website) I sold this product on Amazon, and in 2021, it was acquired by Amazon's aggregated seller, Nebula.
In 2022 — I developed a passion for playing with miniatures and, along with my team, spent 16 months developing the modular art box.

— Xie Wei

With 11 years of experience in visual design, he primarily held positions in visual design and advertising placement

— Yang Zhenhua

Industrial product designer with 8 years of extensive experience in industrial product aesthetics design.

Min Xu

Responsible for maintaining the company's community


About our company

Our company structure consists of three different company:Our company consists of a parent company in Hong Kong and two subsidiaries in mainland China, each of which fulfills different roles.

Hong Kong Alan Innovation Technology Co., Limited
Address: 6/F., Manulife Place, 348 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon,Hong Kong;

Hangzhou JileNiao Cultural Products Co., Ltd
Address: Room 8676, No. 121 Wensan Road, Xixi Street, Xihu District,Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province,China;

Wuxi Ailuke Trading Co., Ltd
No. 23 Xinzhuang, Donglong Village, Zhangzhu Town, Yixing City,Jiangsu Province,China

Company mission:

“Details are the most powerful manifestation of product or service quality.”

We highly value your user experience, If you're unhappy with our service or product quality, please feel free email to

I'm committed to creating a brand that puts user experience first. As the founder and CEO of this company, if you have any complaints or are unhappy with our team members, feel free to reach out to me directly at